What Others Say About Red Bluff Lodge

Over the years I have dealt with 5 different outfitters. Jim Boone, owner/operator of Red Bluff Lodge, is by far the most accommodating, professional, knowledgeable outfitter of the 5.

The layout of the lodge was unbelievable. Each room had its own full bathroom, cleaned and attended to everyday. The decor was outdoors/hunting at its best and the food was outstanding.

Jim went/goes out of his way to make sure you have the opportunity, every morning and afternoon, to hunt the animal you wish in the best of situations. He's constantly checking wind direction to assure you the proper stand. Trail cams working 24/7 help him keep track what animals are where.

Bottom line, I would highly recommend Red Bluff Lodge for your next hunting adventure. Red Bluff's brochure reads, "Come as a customer....leave as a friend" isn't just lip service, it's a fact. Southern hospitality at its finest.

Rich DiMarcello
Douglassville, PA

Jim I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how great a time I had. It is so nice to be able to go go on a trip and feel like you never left home. I've been to a lot of places to hunt but none come close to red bluff. Who knew when I came seven years ago I would find such good friends that make you feel like family. You have a client for life and I will do my best to brag on your lodge to all my friends. You truly provide a service I believe in. Thanks so much your friend Jason aka best of all (haha). Looking forward to a packed house in August.

Jason Mitchell
Anderson, SC

Thanks again for your hospitality. We thoroughly enjoyed our day in the woods regardless of the outcome. Red Bluff Lodge is one of a kind...impressive facilities, managed wildlife, fantastic people...a direct reflection of all your hard work. We look forward to coming back.

Chuck Jolliff
Johns Island, SC

What a great picture, to accompany the best hunting trip I have ever had. I can't thank you and your family enough for such an enjoyable escape from the day to day grind. I can not wait until our next trip up there! Thanks for everything.

Bobby Bennett
Tampa, Fl

Thanks for the pic of my deer. Stan and I had a great time, as you run a very professional organization. The food was great, you're an excellent host, and Henry served as a very personable, knowledgeable source of info.

Of course, we were both pleasantly pleased at the number and quality of bucks taken. The deer I shot carried a personal best rack.

Bob Smith
Wilbraham, MA

I just want to say a big thank you to you and your staff! What an awesome experience, we enjoyed it very much. The boys were disappointed they let dad show them up, but they can't stop talking about the experience and when they can come back. You, your staff and your family are wonderful people and it was really great to get to finally meet you after Jr. has talked so highly of you. It was really awesome to have some time to talk with you about our son's and family. Latham is an awesome young man that I can see how much pride you exude about him as you should. I stayed very plugged into each of my four boys lives and as I am sure you could tell we are very close. My two youngest boys both want to come next year now. I am so proud of each of them and there is nothing like being able to share experiences like this with them, my dad, my brother, niece, and nephew. Enough rambling, again thank you so much for the experience.

Herb Gainey
Mechanicsville, MD

I was at your place over the weekend with Charles Warren, and wanted to thank you for all your hospitality. I deal with a ton of tourist every day and I will be sure to return the favor. I will let everyone know how well managed and how kind you and your staff were. It was honestly one of the best times I have ever had hunting. Just wanted to say thank you and feel free to call if your ever in Savannah….It’s a good time!

Jameson Owens
Savannah, GA

We just returned from a 3 day hunt at RBL. After several years of hunting at the lodge, we again had great success. Our group shot 10 deer. We shot a 170 lb 9 pointer,190 lb 8 pointer,another 8 pointer, 4 pointer, 5 pointer and spike to name a few. Two of the children that went on the trip, one my daughter, and the other, my best friends daughter, both got their first deer. The lodge continuously provides memorable moments from trip to trip. A sincere thank you to Jim, his family and the staff.

Tony Malaspina, Jr.
Mechanicsville, MD

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you what a great time Larry and I had at your camp. I look forward to returning next year and hope I can bag a hog. Everything about your place exceeded my expectations. Again, I look forward to seeing you in 2012 for another great hunt.

Dick Metz
Finksburg, MD

Mr Jim, just wanted to send you a quick thank you. What more can you ask for on a hunt than your 12 year old son and his grandfather being together sharing a hunt? I don't think I have ever seen my son happier than the night you found his deer for him. It was truly a memory of a lifetime. Thanks again, Vinnie D.

Vincent Decroce
East Hanover, NJ


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